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Hello beautiful photographing community,
My name is Fausto Fraser and I consider myself a rookie amateur photographer (if that even exists).
I think it all started at a very young age for me. And when I mean young, you’ll get the picture when you see my baby pics. Besides the crazy posses, the moment I started to find out how to work knobs and buttons, the camera and what it produces is always been a fascinating experience for me.

When I got my first camera I did not even realize I started the journey that would take more than 15 years for me to discover that photography was an obsession. In a long period of not owning my own digital camera I never knew what hit me when I had that unexplainable urge to take pictures of everything. And I mean everything.
Even when I bought my first own digital cam I did not realize that my fingers and my mind if I might say so…… had a mind of their own…..and yeah..i have the collection to proof that.

In 2007 it hit me… it was this year that I found out I had a disease…..an incurable one. One that walks with me till I leave this earth. No doctor can cure it, science has not jet been able to find a cure and strangely I have made peace with the thought of having a incurable disease that will eat me from the inside till my last breath. For years I’ve been hearing about it but I’ve not been listing all this time. Listing to what my inner feelings were telling me. “Watch out…It will hit you…it will get to you like it got to millions of people. You like doing it and you will keep doing it till you get addicted and the consequences will be devastating.
I have been searching for a better definition of the meaning of this sickness and I found out that they even have a latin name for it…
Photograpilus Constantos alotus like maddmanius (the second variant).
If you’ve been diagnosed with the first one..that means you get paid in 6 figures….

Having access to a DSLR and getting the opportunity to take 400 or more pictures of parties organized by our event organizer number one, Lustig Events, my world changed.

The first party I had to shoot I had no idea how to handle a DSLR so I just shot in the automatic mode. Not knowing that the camera had a dioptric adjustment knob I didn’t even had a clear look what I was making pictures of. Ya’ll don’t even want to know how I held the camera. Yup…you’ve guessed it, like I was holding a compact camera. At that moment I also didn’t realize that there were certain rules a photographer uses to compose the shots. I just aimed and fired…hoping to get some good shots.

The second party was a different story although I still held the camera wrong hence the blurry and unsharp pictures. A lot of reading, a mini photoshoot in my room with two lamps to simulate the environment of a café an hour before heading to the party.
Lack of experience and the pressure to do it better then the first time I took the theoretical part of photography to serious if you ask me. Constantly changing my shutterspeed to get the correct exposure was making my finger numb. With more knowledge on how to handle the cam under these circumstances and the use of an external flashunit I’m sure to get better results.

Besides concentrating on how to make the perfect shots of party animals in the night I’ve been experimenting on Macro, landscapes, different sceneries and portraits. Not long ago I went trough my old collection of pictures I made the last 10 years and made a remarkable discovery. I like to take pictures of people caught in the act or moment when they don’t expect being shot at……You might ask yourself why is that remarkable? Well…everyday you are being reminded that life is like a journey and that on your way you will discover new things about yourself. Photography helps me discover more aspects of life, of the people around me and myself.

This hobby I would like to compare to two hobby’s of mine. When I started with music production, the way I listen to music changed immediately. With photography I have another view of everything around me. Even of people who are considered less pretty according to those dreaded standards some of us use. Or objects we normally don’t really pay attention to.
Some years ago I had a heavy addiction. It also involved shooting but not with a camera. 22 cal, 32 Cal and my favorite 9 mm pistols were the tools and the objects were paper targets (sometimes canes, bottles and everything else that was shootable…hihi). But for me to get better I wanted to be one with my weapon. I intensively studied the functions and how it would react in different situations. At one point I was able to disassemble my gun blindfolded. Shooting it blindfolded would be pretty stupid and dangerous although the thought did cross my mind….. Well..now with photography I can handle my camera without even looking at the controls. Very handy for lowlight situations…..

Will I ever go professional? I am considering it daily. So this wont be the last time the photography community will see and hear from me. It’s a passion that’s not easy to resist.

Fausto Fraser

The people who inspire me. Some of them not even knowing I admire their work:
Edward Troon
Hedwig -Plu- de la Fuente
Patrick Krolis
Rafael Chan
Naomi Wolff
Dwight Fernandes

Some interesting links:
Be your own work of art
The Evolution of Event Coverage
were models and photographers meet

For almost a year these guys have been the trendsetters on partying in Suriname. Thanks to this organization the interest in digital photography was more awakened. They gave me the opportunity to expand my knowhow and to photograph their great and hot party’s The events I shot were of The partysquad and a Lustig CD release party in Havana Lounge.

A big motivator for me since the first time I saw his work. His eye for detail, work with lights, shadows and beautiful models has made me dreaming of being able to do the same. Heck..even I wanted to pose for him. And I will in the near future…when my muscles are upgraded…
Two strong hands
Two weak eyes
Two big size 12 feet
Attatched to a 224 Lbs body

Nikon D200 17-88 mm 17-55mm
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